Isla Fisher: Motherhood great, Shopping, not so much

Australian actress Isla Fisher, star of the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic, admits that shopping isn’t really her thing. Though the Australian actress plays Rebecca Bloomwood, the fashion and shopping-addicted heroine of Shopaholic, she says she doesn’t care much for shopping. “I don’t really enjoy it. I like to get in and get out with a purpose,” she told the Sidney Daily Telegraph.

Motherhood, however, suits her wonderfully.

Fisher, who has a 16-month-old daughter with British actor Sacha Baron Cohen, likes the idea of providing baby Olive with a sibling. Speaking to Carly Crawford in New York, Fisher said, “My first responsibility is to my family.”

Having grown up in relatively isolated Western Australia Fisher told Canadian website that living in the country allowed her and her four brothers a great upbringing, where they “rode horses and had a very outdoorsy life.”

Playing someone addicted to shopping may have been fun, but clearly Isla Fisher’s heart is with her family, which she hopes to add to soon.


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