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Gallery going offline!

Hey guys! I’m working on uploading the new layout and fixing many things so the gallery will be offline until it’s 100% complete! Don’t worry though, won’t be long 😉

HQ Photoshoots!

Two shoots, one from Lucas Jackson while promoting Confessions of A Shopaholic have been added into our gallery! They are HQ and Isla looks great! A new gallery layout will be worked on, so look out soon for that! It may be with one of these fabulous shoots! 😉

Set #14
Set #15

COAS NY Premiere

On Feb. 5 Isla attended the New York Premiere of Confessions of A Shopaholic! Over 20 HQ photos are in the gallery! Isla looks stunning at this event, and her dress was fabulous! Loved it!

COAS NY Premiere

2006 Jeff Vespa Shoot + Allure Feb 09 HQ Cover Scan

Set #13
Allure Magazine – February 2009

COAS Promoshoots!

18 MQ, HQ, and UHQ’s of Isla’s promoshoots for Confessions of A Shopaholic have been added into our gallery!! She looks absolutely adorable in these! Huge thanks to my friend Qua for the notice!! <3 Also, a remind COAS will be in theaters TOMORROW!! 😀 Enjoy the pix!

COAS Promoshoots

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