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OK guys! The whole online section is now working! If you need to contact me you may do so by clicking here and if you’re interested in applying for affiliates please do so by going here! I’m looking for all types, so anyone interested please apply! Keep in mind though, Elites and Tops are for HQ sites only!

More to come in a bit, have to do some other work now! 😉

We’re back!

FINALLY!! I have put up the new layout and I absolutely love it and hope you all do too!! It features the photos from Isla’s GQ shoot! I just love that photo shoot! Anywho, I’m getting all caught up with my sites-and soon I’ll have a large gallery update! So look out!

Hope everyone had an amazing holiday! I’m going to do some behind-the-scenes work so everything should be fully working within the next 24hrs!

Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

Changes coming soon!

Hey guys! I’m terrible sorry for the no-updates!! I promise once I return I will be making some major changes to the site!! The reason I haven’t been around is due to a busy schedule with school. But when I return, I will be updating with a new layout (already complete just needs to be uploaded!! 😉 ), new photos, content update, and more! So look out after Dec. 7th for all of the following changes!!!

Take care!

08.13 – Out with Olive!

While it may be hard to imagine the guy who plays Borat creating such a cute little baby, his daughter Olive is living proof.

And baby mamma Isla Fisher was spotted out for a stroll with her 10-month-old cutie, enjoying the beautiful weather in Westwood, California.

The mommy/daughter pair also paid a visit to a local park in Beverly Hills for a little active quality time, both wearing red tops and denim shorts. Like mother like daughter!

As for Miss Fisher and Mr. Cohen’s wedding plans (they’re engaged, after all), there haven’t been any sold details, but you can believe that it will be anything but ordinary.

Out with Olive – 8/13/08


New Gallery Layout!

I just re-designed the whole gallery! Also, I removed all members (sorry, but I had too) and deleted over 10,000 comments of spam! We’re fresh now, lol 😉


Launch the Photo Gallery!

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