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‘Now You See Me’ Sequel In The Works

The mini-studio confirmed a second movie is being planned after the international box office grosses for the summer sleeper hit surpassed its domestic take.

Lionsgate is working on a sequel to the Summit Entertainment hit movie Now You See Me.

As the magician heist film continues to outperform more pricey tentpoles at the international box office, Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer told analysts Friday that production on the sequel is penciled in for 2014.

Feltheimer predicted Louis Leterrier’s caper-thriller will reach the $275 million mark in worldwide box office grosses.

Now You See Me has so far pulled in $115.6 million since its Memorial Day weekend debut, and $119.3 million at the international box office to date.

Internationally, the sleeper hit has yet to open in China, Australia and Japan.

The mid-price comedy thriller sees Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco and Woody Harrelson play gifted magicians drawn into a bank robbery.

Lionsgate is projecting that the international take for the Summit film will exceed $150 million.

The mini-studio isn’t indicating yet whether a screenwriter has been attached to the Now You See Me sequel.

Lionsgate also touted foreign pre-sales for Now You See Me, which could prove highly profitable given the original film cost $75 million to produce.

“This is a perfect example of how we’re benefiting from the unique international infrastructure of output deals, joint ventures and self-distribution we’ve set in place to maximize value and minimize risk,” Feltheimer told analysts during a morning call on Friday after the release of Lionsgate’s latest financial results late Thursday.

In Russia, for example, where Lionsgate licensed Now You See Me to West Company as part of an existing output deal, the Summit pic has brought in $20 million in box office so far.

In Latin America, by contrast, Lionsgate distributed Now You See Me through its IDC joint venture, a partnership between Summit and NuVision founder Pedro Rodriguez.

“The film will gross nearly $25 million at the box office and will generate a profit more than three times greater than had we sold it for a minimum guarantee,” Feltheimer said.


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Isla @ “Now You See Me” Los Angeles Special Screening

Hello! I’ve added a bunch of beautiful pictures of Isla at the “Now You See Me” Los Angeles Special Screening to the gallery. Previews and gallery link below:

Gallery Link:
145 x Public Appearances > 2013 > “Now You See Me” Los Angeles Special Screening – 05.24.13

More updates on the way…

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Photoshoot Additons: C Magazine, Fashion Magazine & Fitness Magazine

Hello! Just a small update, but I’ve added three beautiful new photoshoots of Isla to the gallery. Previews and gallery links below:

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005 x Photoshoots, Outtakes & Portraits > 2013 > Photoshoot 001 – C Magazine
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Isla Fisher: Why I’m Promoting Breastfeeding in the Developing World

Isla Fisher leads a glamorous Hollywood life. She lives in a multimillion-dollar home, which she shares with her husband, Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen, and their two daughters, Olive and Elula. When I meet her, she has just returned from acharity trip to Brazil, where she visited breast milk banks as part of a campaign to reduce infant mortality in the developing world.

That must have made for quite a contrast with her normal life? ‘Yes it did but seeing people put themselves out for one another was really inspiring,’ she says. ‘Pumping milk after breastfeeding is extremely tiring but these women have their own babies and were finding time to pump milk and schlep it to a milk bank to give to strangers’ babies. It was very moving.

‘I saw babies in intensive care, which wasn’t easy – no one likes seeing tiny babies being so sick. We met one baby who was two months premature and was being kept alive by the donated breast milk.’

But the actress is not keen on talking about her own children. ‘Motherhood is my favourite topic personally but I don’t like to discuss it professionally because it draws unwarranted attention to my children, who didn’t choose to be in the public eye,’ she says. She is similarly reticent about life with Cohen (pictured left). ‘I don’t talk about my husband but I will say it’s always nice to surround yourself with people who have a similar sense of humour to you – it makes life better. If you can’t laugh, what have you got?’ Continue reading Isla Fisher: Why I’m Promoting Breastfeeding in the Developing World